Challenge !! HDX 1000 Upgrade/Replacement


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Hi All,
I have a HDX 1000 but absolutely hate the interface. I popped to a friends last week and he had a Media PC for his movies with IR control, Media Browser and Meta Browser. The interface was beautiful and Meta Browser updated automatically with cover,synopsis etc.

Question ; Is there software for my HDX 1000 ? ( none of the jukeboxes meet these requirements)

Or can I replace the HDX with a NMT/Media Player that does all this;

Plays most/all movie files for my downloaded films
HDMI connectivity
1TB storage
IR controllable
Network to Laptop
Interface descibed above
Doesn't cost an arm and a leg
Or have I answered my own question and need a Media PC ?!!?
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well the popcorns have thier nmj jukebox. The A-210 is £199 from various places, see here for specs - Popcorn Hour A-210 - Detailed item view - Custom built Home Theatre PCs from my-HTPC . there is also a demo of the nmj interface towards the end of the intro, but a better video of the nmj on the c200 page Popcorn Hour C-200 - Detailed item view - Custom built Home Theatre PCs from my-HTPC

on the dune series if you dont like their interface you can put zappiti on Zappiti - Ultimate Media Center for Dune HD Players - Freeware

The Dune Smart D1 or H1units are a similar price but Dune kit is like hens teeth at the moment
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Like the look of the Popcorn Hour, a couple of questions though ;
How long as the Popcorn been out ? Its not due for replacement ? As this happened as soon as I bought my HDX

Where can I find one with the 1TB HDD ?


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there are always machines just around the corner. The next major update is going to be for HDMI 1.4 which gives 3d. The actual chips are due soon, and updated machines will follow. When is anybody's guess though

As for a A210 or C200 with 1 TB installed then my contact details are in my sig. I'm limited in what I can and cant say about stock levels in the forums.


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Thanks Graham,
I am leaning towards the A-210 but am hearing of Qnap, MED 500X etc my head is spinning.

Whats the WDTV Live Hub's jukebox like ?(Does it update as files are added, Metadata etc. )

Put simply for upto £250 whats the best player for file type, Jukebox, Metadata with upto 1TB ?

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