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Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by BrianC, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. BrianC

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    Jan 20, 2003
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    I guess this says more about my buying habbits than anything else, but recently, well, a couple of months ago I asked for recomendations for "proper" samuari films after watching Kill Bill 1 & 2, its interesting (at least to me) where I've ended up a couple of months later:

    Start >> Kill Bill 1 & 2 >> Yojimbo lead to Kurosawa (Hidden Fortress, Seven Samuari, Stray Dog), which lead to Mifune (The Samuari Trilogy), which lead to Alec Guinness (Tinker, Taylor, Solider, Spy)

    Does anybody else buy DVDs related to previous purchases?
  2. jay75


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    It depends on your definition of "proper" Samurai films?

    If you're looking for something more like kill Bill Vol 1 then you could try the revenge thriller Lady Snowblood.

    Maybe Shogun assassin could be what you were looking for? Very gory and like Lady Snowblood was one of the films that inspired Tarantino and kill Bill.

    A little more offbeat and slower pacing is the new version of Zatoichi or maybe some of the original Zatoichi films, although I have not seen them.

    There's also that recent Hollywood movie starring Tom Cruise called the Last Samurai which is a very good film.

    How about a samurai meets zombie action movie? A Japanese film called Verses (spelling?)

    Another Japanese movie with a good few ,but sporadic, Samurai action sequences is Princess Blade. It's a slow-burning movie but not bad with martial-arts direction by Donnie Yen gives the fight scenes some bite.

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