chaeap dvd-r and ram discs,do they work?


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Hi,getting a panny dmre 30 and was looking on the cd-r media site ,seeing that dvd-r range from pennys to pounds,i am wondering if they all work well? or play in other players?


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Hi Rick,

I been using eproformance dvd-r's with my panny HS2 with no problems, plays ok on my Tosh and computer dvd player, when finalized. Available from for 68p including case.



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i am wondering if they all work well? or play in other players?

Mmmmm! It's the luck of the draw really. Not all machines are equal even if it is the same model number and make,and deffinately not all cheap media is equal either.

I am one of the unlucky ones that have an E20 that is very picky with cheap media. Some have the same problem as me while others do not and can record to a larger choice of cheap media.

I also now have the E30 and that is about as picky as the E20 in my experience with it so far. Never the less with a bit of trial and error cheap media can be found to work with about a 10% failure rate.

I have tried and indeed are using right now some eproformance discs. I have not found them to be too reliable as many have a trouble spot somewhere on the disc that caused them to stick on playback no matter what player is used.

I have found all cheap media to be problematic in one form or another and unpredictable either at the record stage or the playback stage.

I have had most success with the FWS brand which has just been updated with the use of a different dye similare to that of Traxdata (So I am told). I haven't tried the new ones yet "Awaiting delivery" but the fact that the dye is similar to Traxdata is not good news for me as I have found traxdata to be unpredictable when playing on other machines (They record OK). Then they sometimes stutter on playback in another machine and sometimes they don't.

I would never but never trust cheap media if you only have the one chance to record a program. I use them to transfer my VHS collection so if one fails I can do it all again.


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You will find that a lot of DVDr web sellers will offer a pack of various media makes so you can test yourself (ie. 5 discs from diferent manufacturers).

Ebay is also quite good for discs. I got 90 Bulkpak gen 4 disks for around £60 (If memory serves me).

The discs are writable at double speed with the right software in a PC but have no idea about a stand alone unit.


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