Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther)




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so very sad to lose such an iconic figure and great actor especially in these very difficult times

he will be sorely missed



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A great Loss. And I admire him even more for producing such stunning performances while so ill.

Will be watching Black Panther as my own small memorial to him.


Just seen this on the morning news and shocked that hes dead, and remarkable he ad colon cancer even while filming Black Panther and was receiving treatment for it.
Dont think Marvel will ever be able to replace someone of his caliber.
Always seemed a decent bloke when on chat shows. :(

As above will stick Black Panther on tonight in respect of the king.

R.I.P. Chadwick


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i doubt if marvel would re cast the role out of respect


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Shocking is an understatement.

That's how you keep your battles private in this age of social media. Total respect and my heartfelt condolences to your family and close friends.

Rest in Peace Chadwick.


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RIP Chadwick
This has been one of my favourite marvel films and was looking forward to a sequel. I have experienced symptoms of this terrible cancer in the past and was ok then, though recently getting similar symptoms, so will go get checked out again. Anybody if you get anything out of the ordinary with bowel habits get it checked out, might not be anything but best to be sure before it progresses!


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Such a shock hearing this sad news waking up this morning.

i doubt if marvel would re cast the role out of respect
No recasting T'Challa, but when the time is right I'm sure the mantle will be passed, probably to Shuri, which will very likely have been something known between Boseman and Marvel.


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Yeah I'm not often shocked these days, but this has absolutely knocked me for six this morning. Unbelievable news to wake up to. Very sad he only got to do one Black Panther as well, I was looking forward to another.

Plus next time I watch Endgame I'll be in bits with that end sequence.



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Just watched 21 Bridges. huge respect to the man to be able to carry on during what was happening to him, such performances were truly once in a lifetime and now we know why he was so on fire in each and every role he took on, rest in peace sir.

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman


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Really shocked by this. Terribly sad news. Pretty incredible he managed to do all the film work he did whilst undergoing chemo.

RIP Mr Boseman.


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Only repeat what everyone has said, in absolute shock really. He carried on filming while under treatment, the guy genuinely looked super fit and healthy.
Black Panther is probably my most favourite Marvel film as well, cannot think of anyone else replacing him, in that role.


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This is so sad. I am shocked. RIP


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Like many others I was shocked and saddened to learn of his untimely passing. He obviously wanted this illness to be kept quite from everyone apart from his loved one's which shows great stoicism, especially with what he had to endure medically, and didn't want people to feel sorry for him including his fellow actors.

The strength of this mans character to carry this awful burden even when working on films, including "Black Panther", shows great determination and fortitude. I'm sure behind closed doors there must have been times of immeasurable mental anguish and sadness for him (and his family) because when these awful things happen you tend to think more of your family and other loved one's rather than yourself. Forty three is far, far too young, so sad. R.I.P.
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This isn't even registering with me, I'm sorry..... what?!?

"And get this man a shield"


ETA - RIP, I can't believe we've lost the Black Panther.

2020, seriously, f*** you.

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