Cha Cha Real Smooth (Apple TV+) Movie Review & Comments

Mark Costello

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Thanks Mark, watched the Trailer for this yesterday (along with trailers for loot and blackbird, both of which also look great) and sounds like a perfect Sunday evening movie to me 👍🏼


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Looks good, not watched this kind of movie in a while.


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Agree on most points Mark, but I couldn't quite stretch to an 8. It's a solid 7 for me, and boasts some really nice performances. The screenplay defied plenty of the tropes I expected, but that's a good thing. Although it was a tad sketchy, I did enjoy the step father relationship, and where it ultimately went. Some super charged scenes of high emotion that really got to me.


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I’ve just discovered somebody more vomit inducing than Adam Sandler in the The Waterboy and that’s Cooper Raiff in this self-aggrandizing nonsense. In Coopers world woman who have miscarriage’s within an hour want to make love to him, please Cooper we get it now your a great bloke and boy did you enjoy telling the audience.


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Thought this was a very enjoyable watch. Cooper Raiff's character type would normally annoy me, but I liked the portrayal as the movie progressed. Also liked the fact that it did not go for the typical Hollywood ending, and this added a layer of maturity to the plot. The actress who played the daughter was superb, as was Leslie Mann as the mother. Dakota Fanning was good too providing depth, and strength to her character. Some genuine laugh out loud moments especially with the step father. Agree with the 8/10.

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