CF cards can be used as HD!

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I didn't realise that, i thought it could only store images/movies only until copied a few differerent PC files over!

This is really useful cos i was thinking of getting one of those 1GB USB flash key drives (tiny things) but now i know that CF card can take any files as well it saves me some moneys!!!



I can't believe the prices they charge for the USB flash key drives. Its so much cheaper to just get CF card reader and a 'few' CF/Microdrive cards.
I've also just got a HDD MP3 player with a 20Gb drive (similar to an iPod) that can also be used to transfer files between PC's via USB.


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There is actually a lot or work going on with solid state drives at the moment from the big players.

Whilst the end result may not be in the CF format, I expect we will start seeing large format drives very soon which will be quicker and more reliable than current hard disk technology.

The best thing I have seen this year though was a device that held 5 CF cards and then allowed you to set up RAID 5 across them and let windows see them as a single volume (just like you would with normal drives) except that this thing would fit in the palm of your hand.

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