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Dennis Leighton

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I am trying so hard to understand digital photography and I am succeeding to a certain extent thanks to the valuable assistance I have received from this Forum. I am puzzled though because it has been suggested that a CF card reader would be useful and so I acquired a CF card reader and writer which sounds simple enough but on referring to my handbook for the Canon Powershot A80 it states !If you are using a PC card reader or a PC card slot, first insert the CF card into a PC card adaptor (sold separately). Perhaps unwisely, I used the CF card and the Reader before reading this advice and acquired my images without any problem. Question is "Is it essential to have a PC card adapter and, if so, any advice where I can purchase one from would be helpful.


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This is talking about PCMIA(?) slots on a laptop, you can buy an adapter that means you can plug a CF card straight into the side of a laptop - don't think you've got any cause to worry.


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As andrew says unless you have a laptop you really don't need to worry about one of these.

That said I have a desktop and an external card reader and a laptop with a PCMCIA CF Card reader. All my photo editing takes place on my desktop as its the only one with correctly calibrated screens but its nice, for me, to have the ability to view my photos on a big screen whilst I'm away from the PC.

Normally I take with me an X-Drive when I go out shooting which allows me to download my CF cards to so I can continue shooting, on an average days shooting I take between 100-300 shots in RAW format.

However if I need to absolutely certain that I have the shot in the bag then I take the laptop with me and just plug the CF card into the slot and view it on the big screen this way I can check for focus, exposure etc and even try a few corrections in Photoshop much more accurately then I could do if I had an Image Tank with a screen as the size and resolution of those screens isn't really good enough IMHO for absolute critical shots, at least not when you consider their current price.
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