CF card and getting music on it


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Hi all,

Does anyone know how you get music put onto your CF card. I have a slot in my car for a CF card and would love to get music on it. Is there a program (free) out there that lets you do this.

Thanks in advance!

KJ Palmer

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You'll need a card reader with a CF card slot if your computer doesn't have dedicated CF slot. I bought a cheap one from Argos that does the job. Windows media player can convert your CDs to MP3 format if you need some free software that's (fairly) easy to use. I personally use the Nero software that came with my CD burner, or EAC (exact audio copier) is another option.


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Firstly - you sure it's CF (Compact Flash) as I've never seen a headunit with a slot for one of these cards - as they are actually quite big!

In that pic is a CF card (top) a MMC (MultiMedia Card) and an SD (Secure Digital) card - essentially the same thing as MMC....

Most headunits with card slots are for SD/MMC cards

Eitherway, once you've made sure what type of card you need, a simple USB card reader will do, as Barok said. Plug it into the USB port, stick card in it, it'll open a new window, just drag and drop (or copy n paste) whatever files you want to it - presto!

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