CES 2018 News: LG Display demos 8K and Roll-Up OLED TVs


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Sorry for being OT, but can anyone tell me what became of the The Last Jedi competition? I can't find any mention of it on the site anymore and the AVForums Twitter account keeps ignoring me. :confused:


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I love that roll-up set. Resolution and HDR on the prototype sets might be incredible seen live, but don't come across on Youtube, but the roll-up really does look like something from the future.

Saw on another video that the roll-up TV can also be partially extended to act as a 21:9 display without black bars, or just a little to show apps, audio media info and so-on, very smart.


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Wow, cannot fail to be impressed by the Roll Up/down TV. What a great idea and maybe a long term alternative to a Projection Screen.

steve a

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The roll up screen looks amazing and so futuristic ,a great space saver and wife friendly (price apart). Great idea's.


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I agree with everyone in here, this is the future for me, a tv that can change ratios and hide out the way! Very wife friendly. Unfortunately I think the cost of one of these is about 1 divorce lawyer.


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What happened to Crystal Sound on this years Oleds ? was only a couple of months back they were saying they hope to sell 30% of panels with this technology....guess we will have to wait for 2019 sets to see this in practice.


Ooh, I can't wait for the burn in threads for those who use it at the smallest ratio for longer than an hour at a time...:devil:


No doubt, roll-up OLEDs and Crystal Sound will feature in 2019, however the fear of image retention/burn in and limited peak brightness will be a major concern again for customers.

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