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I've recently bought a LG CX OLED, a Panasonic UB-820 4K Player & a JBL 9.1 soundbar. As far as I'm aware, they all support "eARC". From what I can gather, I need Certified 2.1 HDMI cables? The listings on Amazon confuse me, people reccomend Amazon Basics, but all I see are "2.0" versions. And the other brands which say 2.1 don't say certified. Which ones do I buy? And how many do I need to connect it all up, 2 or 3? This is for 4K disc movies more than anything else.

I'm sure this will have been asked many times before, so apologises for that. Thanks.

Otto Pylot

Technically, you don't need HDMI 2.1 to use eARC. eARC is possible on the HDMI 2.0 chipsets if the device mfr chose to implement it. So you'll need to check with the mfrs if eARC is possible. Keep in mind it's not the cable that allows you to use eARC, it's the HDMI chipsets in the connected devices. ARC support does not automatically mean eARC support.

Depending on how long your cable run is, you can find ATC certified (with the QR label of authenticity), passive, HDMI cables for either the HDMI 2.0 options or the HDMI 2.1 options.

You can run a single cable from the 820 to the CX and then from the CX to the soundbar if that's all of the connected devices you have. Or, you could use the JBL as your hub and run a cable from the 820 to the JBL and then out to the CX.

Joe Fernand

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Assuming you have all the kit to hand I would connect it up using whatever cables you have and try a range of content and unless you come across any issues you are good to go.

As Otto says HDMI cables have a separate Certification programme and it is not mandatory to have a specific cable 'type' to make your system work as required.


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