Centurion CENDVD1 problem =0( NO DISC ERROR

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    hey, i hope somebody can help me :(

    i bought a Centurion CENDVD1 dvd player from somebody online

    got it all installed and it powers up fine but it wont read any discs at all (cd, cdr, dvd, dvd-r) =0( it tries to read it 3 or 4 times but then gives up and says "NO DISC"

    i gave it a little shake afterwards and it had a piece of metal rattling around inside. so i opened it up and there was a metal bar there which is about 3 inches long... not sure where it goes back

    i've taken some photos of it

    still waiting to hear back from the guy it bought it from, dunno if he has the original receipt for the warranty

    can anybody recommend a way to fix it? is the bar the reason why it cant read any of these discs?


    photo 1
    photo 2
    photo 3

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