Centurian "Caru" cabinet????

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Looking to order one of these from Amazon, but just wondered if anybody who has one could confirm how many shelves this has inside please?
The Q&A section is a little confusing as there are conflicting answers!!
I need there to be two, as I have to accommodate 4 pieces of equipment.
Many thanks
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Derek S-H

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Oh well. Found out it's only got a shelf on one side. That's scuppered that
I know a purchase like this is very much budget-driven (at one end you've got wildly expensive custom furniture and the other, cheap bendy stuff) but I'd be looking to double your budget.

This is a one-time purchase if you get it right and you'll never have to bother with it again.

I spent £500+ on my Optimum AV stand (I think, it was so long ago I can't actually remember) and being modular has meant I can add shelves or different rod lengths to suit any equipment changes (of which there's been many!).

Unless you're really strapped for cash, I wouldn't get something like this from Amazon or Argos. It's worth looking around at specialists who focus on AV furniture because they'll use better quality materials which will last longer, and they'll provide more detailed specs to suit your needs.

Just a suggestion. Good luck! :)


A good TV or entertainment unit should last for years without having the shelves sagging after a few months. I've got a Skovby unit and it's built like a tank. Has IR repeaters built in. Not cheap but perhaps give you an inkling as to what is available.

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Thanks for the input lads, and I fully appreciate what you are saying.
I'll hold off for a while to see how I get on with my existing unit which we love due to it's simplicity. But I'm moving up to a 65 from a 55, and I'm just concerned with how it will look. I know my current one will support the extra weight so I haven't got a problem there.
But the purchase of the TV was difficult enough to get past the missus anyway, (I don't think she is over it yet lol!), so to go out and spend over £500.00 on a new unit as well would go down like an inflatable thing made of heavy metal at the moment..... but again, thanks. :smashin::smashin::smashin:
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