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I am setting up my first home cinema system (Denon AVR1906, Tannoy FX5.1). I have read that the Tannoy FX centre isn't that good (it is in fact a normal satellite). Would it be worthwhile getting the EFX centre for £40 or perhaps the Mission M7C2 centre for £60? I'm not looking to spend wads of cash on the centre but if the existing fx centre is poor with dialogue then something needs to be done.

If the answer is yes should the surplus Tannoy satellite be used to make a 6.1 system (an extra rear?) or should another satellite be bought to make it 7.1?



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The centre speaker is arguably the most important part of any surround speaker array. Also, the front three speakers should be as close a sonic match as possible.

The EFX centre should in theory offer better performance than the FX centre, and be a close sonic match for the other satellites, but may be worth a quick demo to find out.

If you don't think the EFX centre is an improvement over the FX centre, or still not good enough then look at other options. The Mission you mention is a good centre speaker for the money but I don't know how it would sound next to your FX satellites.

Or, you could just enjoy what you've got, so what if you've read something, do you think the centre performs badly?

If you did go for another centre then you could use the FX centre as a 6th channel and get another one for 7th channel as you suggest.

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