Centre speaker to go with JPW mini monitors?


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I've been using five JPW mini monitors (centre shielded) for several years as my 5.0 surround system and as I've just moved I'd like to get a dedicated centre speaker.

I've read on the forum that it is best to have a front sound stage comprised of matching speakers, ideally the same manufacturer or something to do with same volume in litres of displaced air!?

As I've been unable to locate any JPW centre speakers I'd like a recomendation as to which make/model would match my system (or at least not ruin it).

Ideally I'd like a silver speaker as it has to sit above my silver TV, but it doesn't really matter.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.



Ian J

It is best to use three identical speakers across the front for the most accurate voice matching and you appear to be doing this at the moment.

JPW are sold mainly by Richer Sounds and are made by the same factory that make quite a number of other speakers including Gale (another RS brand). I don't know whether Gale speakers use different drivers etc to JPW but they certainly look the same.

I had JPW mini monitors as rears a few years ago and they weren't bad for the money.


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Heybrook are made at the same plant, too, I believe. I don't think that the different speaker brands use the same drivers, but it is worth checking I suppose.


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