Centre Speaker Stand for LCD Recommendations?

Rossco UK

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Just got my new surround set up and I underestimated the size ofthe centre speaker. Didnt think it would be so big, and it just looks daft sitting in front of my TV so want to sit it on top. But I have an LG HDTV so its too slim to just sit, it fits and is stable but one knock and it would crash to the floor and break so I need a TV top stand to hold it steady and its difficult to get one for an LCD.

I found this which looks like it would fit nicely but cant find anywhere that delivers it to the UK and cant find any other stands that would work!! Help me!!


Looking at that picure, it really does seem perfect too!


Rossco UK said:
Nope, no space in my unit and it looks daft sittin on top of the uni in front of the TV.
I sat mine at the base but behind my plasma screen. There is a small space under the screen from the feet so it does not limit the sound noticably. Maybe you could do the same--I can't see the bottom of your screen from the photo.

Rossco UK

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****, I forgot to leave the link for the page I found that on, thats not my actual TV, thats a picture of the stand I found on the net I want but cant find here to order.


And no, I couldnt put it behind the TV, no space as my TV is right at the back onf the unit and the speakers too big to do that anyway. :(

I need a stand for the top of the tv for it really. :(


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Is that shelf really going to support the weight?

I've got a similar problem, speakers currently below the tv and the sounds far far too low:(


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It's arrived and all installed last weekend. Although it's advertised as fitting on LCD's I think they meant Rear projection LCD TV.
Anyway, with a bit of modification to the rear leg supports using some packaging that the stand came in and electrical tape to hold in place, its all working.
I also sprayed the front of the stand (originally silver) black to match the TV.
See pictures for finished product.
My Plasma stand rotates so that it can be angled to face different parts of the room, having the Centre speaker mounted above and on the TV works pretty well now.:thumbsup:


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