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I am trying to upgrade my set up to accomodate a plasma above my (unused) fireplace.

I currently have Mission 77's (2 x Bookshelf fronts, 2 x DS rears, 1 x Centre) which I have been very pleased with.

By having a plasma on the chimney breast, the fronts will be symetrical in the room (first time ever!!) and in stereo they sound great.

My dilema is what to do with the Centre as it just about fits on the mantel piece/shelf (depth wise) and if the plasma is wall mounted above this, the plasma is quite high. Alternatively I could mount the centre on the fireplace surround, although it would obviously stick out quite a away! or place it on the floor.

I have considered changing speakers to smaller sub/sat type and I listened to KEF 5005's today which sounded good in multichannel but not as good as the Missions in stereo.

Question 1:

Could anyone advise on how feasible it could be to have the 5005 Centre & Rears along with say KEF Q Fronts??? I assume I would still need the 5005 sub. Would using sats with a sub plus traditional speakers work in multichannel well?

Question 2:

I have tried listening (without a TV!!!) to the various positions of the centre speaker and can really notice how uneven sounds pan when the Centre is on the mantel or floor which suggests I may not be happy with either locations once I get the screen. Is it feasible to run say the KEFSsfor video and keep the Mission Fronts for music (I guess I would have to place the KEFs ontop of the Missions)????

Any advice on this would be much appreciated since I don't want to go backwards in terms of quality of sound!!!



it may be worth considering getting a bracket with forward tilt, this has been discussed before it allows the plasma to tilt forwards at the top and seems to improve use at a higher height, hopefully allowing the centre speaker to go in ideal position.

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