Centre Speaker Location Problem - Advice?



OK guess who forgot to really consider centre speaker location in his new house :rolleyes:

Here's the problem:

I currently have a full Mission 77 Series 5.1 Speaker set up with the large 77c Centre.

My new house has a large rectangular room in which I shall be installing my Barco 808 Projector at one end and beaming onto a ceiling mounted screen at the other. However the Screen end has a fireplace smack bang in the middle of the wall that cannot / will not be removed.

What I want to know is how best to deal with the Centre Speaker which obviously needs to go somewhere / exactly where the fireplace is.

I have currently got the following ideas floating in my head:

1) Put the Centre Speaker infront of the Fire only when needed and just store it when not in use (bit of a pain).

2) Buy another 77c and have two centre speakers wired up one either side of the fireplace.

3) Buy other speakers that are much smaller that will mean a much smaller centre speaker that can go on the mantlepiece (77c is way to large).

I really want the screen to be flush against the wall so a speaker behind the screen is probably not an option.

Anyone have any views/advice?

Cheers Neil.


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I think you may stand a better chance of getting an answer if you could post a picture or two of your set-up. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words.



The fireplace will be used and theres no chimney breast. I shall have to see if I can afford a perforated screen. It may just be time to give up on the Barco and get a plasma.


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Can you not put in a a new mantlepiece? Or at least an extension of it?


Mantlepiece is quite small where as my current centre is large - too big to fit. So I need a high grade tiny centre I suppose!


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I noticed the placing of the center is more flexible than everybody says- any height between 1m above or 30cm below the screen is fine as I noticed with my KEF Reference 202c.
But if the sound angle of your box isn't too good that may not be entirely true.
I don't think placing it a bit more forward or backward won't spoil the fun either as long as you properly setup the level.
But it mustn't be too far away of course unless you want the actors to talk thru somebody else's mouth...
And take care of cinders & flames - most speakers are made of wood and burn nicely - just once!

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