Centre speaker for Linn Keilidhs ?


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Just getting into HC for the first time...Can anyone recommend a suitable centre speaker to partner my active linn keilidhs ?

Obvious choices are the Linn Ekwal or Trikan, but will these be a good match as I believe they have the Ninka tweeters ?


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They will. Linn produce speakers that designed to work with each other across the range.

Or you could try a Centrik II which is cheaper (200 quid ex-dem). I've been using this with my Ninkas whilst Linn sort out what they're doing with the Artikulate range pricing (want to upgrade the front so it's them or the Akurates).

Try these people for more advice (large pince of salt as like here there are some axes being ground in the background ;)


What are the Keilidhs attached to ?


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Thanks for the reply - never come across these forums before - interesting! BTW are you happy with your Centrik ? A linn dealer I spoke to didn't rate it , probably cos he wanted to sell me an Ekwal....

Current system is Genki/Kollektor/2 x LK140.

I was considering replacing the Kollector with a used AV5103, but am now thinking about the new Undisk SC. From what I can determine from the press release, this may be more cost effective and should help on the box count - i.e. replace genki/kollector + my aging sony dvd, just requiring me to add power amps (2 more LK140s or a 5125). Like you i'm waiting on the pricing.....


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The Centrik works fine. As with all this stuff you should see what the differences are when you're sat in front of them. I got the Centrik as a first step into AV. The beauty of Linn is that there is a 2nd hand market that keeps the residuals reasonable.

If you want some future proofing then a Unidisk SC makes sense. It should blow the Genki/Kollektor away.

I think the AV5125 is a bargain for dipping a toe if boxes are an issue. IMHO you should consider going active for the front pair - it makes a big difference for not much more money.

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