Centre Speaker for Centre Rear?



I have very limited room (and available cash for this) but I have just enough to get a bin-end bargain centre speaker from Richer Sounds or similar. Would one be at all suitable for a centre rear?
If I got a pair of rear speakers they would literally have to sit on top of each other which seems a bit of a waste.



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Try to get an identical one to your current surrounds speakers. If you have to get a pair then you could use the spare as a centre. Ideally all your speakers should be the same anyway.


I am quite happy with 5.1 but thought seeing as I have wired for a single rear (I had the spare cable and the carpets up and a rainy Sunday) and an amp capable of it (I wanted it for its performance regardless of the sixth channel) I wondered if this would be a cheap and cheerful way of trying it out...


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give it a try,i picked up a cheap monitor audio centre which i use at the rear,its ok on ex encoded discs but i dont run it on non-ex discs.
also for my denon avc11sr they say if using one rear centre it should be a normal speaker,but if you use two they should be dipoles.


I use a B&W LCR60 S3 for my SB speaker.
IMO this works well, but it is matched to all my other speakers. An unmatched centre may not give such a good effect, but then again surround speakers are used less and therefore should be less noticeable than unmatched front/centre.

Try it! It worked for me.

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