centre speaker far too muffled


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hi. i recently purchased a centre speaker off ebay (tannoy mc, because ive had one before) and when i hooked it up it and played a dvd it sounded incredibly low, as if the tweeter wasn't working. voices sound very muffled, and although its bareable, it doesnt sound anywhere near as nice and crisp as a cheaper speaker (part of a tannoy fx system) which i was using as a stand in, and really grew to like. all the high pitched speech sounds are there, but everything sounds a bit too low and quite bassy. its a much different sound for 5.1 games as well, which it is more noticable on. ive tried everything from tweaking channel levels to using different wire.

now this could be because im used to the other speaker, but as i say i have had one of these before and im sure it sounded better than this.

the look of the speaker fits in much better (its perfectly sized for the postion it is in) but im unsure why its underperforming. the test tone suggests that its working properly (as in i can cover the bass and hear the tweeter) and its not the cable (ve switched between the 2 speakers loads)

anyone suggest anything? i think im going to try reversing the polarity to see if it makes it sound a little less boomy.


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Hook it up to the left or right channel speaker output,select stereo on your amp and you will at least hear whether its reproducing the full range or not.

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