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Just a quick question for all you people out there.
Hope you don't mind?

I have a DENON AVR 3801 DTS-ES compatible and have the Mission FS2AV's
As I have now got a few DTS-ES disks I would like an NXT speaker for the rear centre similar or the same as the missions.
Can anyone tell me what I could use??


Hi Steve i would imagine the best thing to do is contact Mission and ask them if they sell spare NXT speakers. They normally do incase somebody breaks one.
Alternatively you could choose a pair of rear surround speakers to match your missions. You need to decide if you want one or two speakers for the rear ex/es. You mignt be interested in some bi/dipoles if this is the route you choose.

Alternatively again you could get a pair of speakers perhaps floorstanders for your front left and rights and move your mission fronts to the rear for your ex/es if you do be carefull that you match them well. This would be an advantage if you like to listen to a lot of stereo music and want some dedicated good quality fronts.

I hope this helps mate,im not the most experienced person here to help you but these are the options i would look at,if anyone has a better idea then please put me and Steve right as i also would be interested in your thoughts.

I hope this helps

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