Centre channel distorsion 3805


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Hi Chaps.
I`m using a 2910 connected to my 3805 via chord coax interconnect through pmc tb2+ speakers and I seem to have distortion on the centre voice channel. I`m listening at a reasonable level (about - 15 db) but when somebody shouts or even raises their voice there is a hard distorted edge to the voices. Effects don`t seem to be affected though. I`ve tried a different dvd player and swapped one of the stereo pair speakers for the centre channel but to no avail. The centre channel is set to `small` in the amps setup. Anybody had similar problems or has anyone got any pearls of wisdom?!?!?!


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Thanks Jase.
I`ve had a look at that thread and it does seem that mic clipping could well be the problem, although I do find it hard to believe that with all the millions of pounds spent on movies that something as fundamental as dialogue on location is not recorded at the correct level.


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Just a thought, if you have a copy of Troy, watch the first scene just before Achiles slays the opposing champion. Agamemnon and the other king are talking on the battlefield and the old bearded king calls for his champion `Boagreas` and Agamemnon shouts `Achiles` I can definately hear disstorsion when both kings shout.


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Tried Troy (R1) last night and there is some distortion on the voices in that scene. Out of interest try it with Cinema EQ on as that can sometimes reduce the effect a bit (as it rolls off the treble).

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