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Steve Burling

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Regarding my set Focal set up below, I’m looking on upgrading the front soundstage.

My lounge is 18’x15’x 8’ (W D H)

I’ve borrowed for demo purposes the Focal 826-D and C800, as you can imagine going from the Focal Sib Evo this is a somewhat difference in size, mainly to my wife when she returned home, let’s just say that they won’t be staying. Also the reasoning behind the Sib Evo and looking at these is there’s not going to be ceiling speakers for Atmos.

My reason for reaching out to you all is that I need some suggestions in getting speakers for LCR but also want Atmos included. I don’t really want to exceed a budget of £2K.
I’m looking at getting better sound quality even though I think the Sib Evos are good, I’m flexible in getting bigger than what I have already but want smaller than the borrowed Focal Chora’s. As a ballpark I would be happy with the Chora 806 with relevant stands but pity they don’t have the Atmos like the 826-D’s have, and that Focal don’t do a smaller in size Centre.
I understand that the front soundstage ideally should consist of the same line of the same manufacturer.

Appreciate any comments




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Could you imagine having the "atmos" speakers mounted high up on front wall with wires hidden? You could do this with Dali Alteco C1 or Kef Q50a, both has white finish. Then some white trunking for speaker wires..

For speakers example Kef Q350 and Q250c (smaller centre if size matters). These are basically competing in same price range with Focal Chora, but are slightly smaller.

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