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I have been reading that the center speaker is 70% of the output for TV watching, so thought I would look to upgrade my 20 year old Jamo model.

I have my eye on a Bower & Wilkins HTM6 center speaker, and just wanted some advice as to if there will be a noticeable difference between a 20 year old Jamo and a new Bowers & Wilkins

I currently have a 7.1 system set-up with the following:

Yamaha RX V-585 amp

Jamo Center 200 center speaker

Mission M35i floor standing

Ceiling mounted KEF (4 of)

Yamaha SW300 sub

Any time bout anyone could give would be greatly appreciated

Joe Fernand

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The ideal solution is three identical speakers across the front of the system - though most folk struggle to accommodate that unless they have a dedicated cinema room.

The next option is a Front LR with a ‘matching’ Centre where the Centre is a horizontal version of the vertical front LR - though the horizontal configuration then generates lots of debate and design ideas.

Have you tried your system with the Center disabled and allow the AVR to create a phantom Centre.

Mixing and matching speaker brands is quite a challenge.

Any pics of your front layout?



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hi Joe, thank you for your reply.

i haven’t tried disabling the center and putting it in phantom, what would that show me?

attached is a photo of my speakers, any advice is greatly appreciated. I have always been happy with the sound, but just thought a new speaker may be a noticeable difference, but I am unsure if it would be


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