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Hello and goodevening,
I'm haveing some trouble trying to get speach lvl's through my center speaker at a lvl i can actully hear voices.
Receiver: Yamaha 757
Peakers: JBL SCS260.5 (surround cinema) .
At first i thought it was due to the auto setup the yamaha has so i reset it and did the setup manualy.

5 Sats set to >Small (all 100w).
Cross over >100Hz. (no cross over setting on sub so this is set on amp).
EQ >Off.
Sub phase >Normal.
Dynamic range >Max.
All sats set to 75dB
Sp distance all set.

I'm still struggling to hear dialog in movies when the sound only involves voices.
Couple of examples:
Terminater 2, the scenes where the doctor is telling Sara conner he does'ent beleave she has changed and therefore won't be aloud to see her son,now right after this she goes nuts and there is large leap in sound due to the fact i have to crank up the dam volume to hear them!
Land of the Dead, the scene where they are thrown in jail (begining'ish of movie) and are haveing a chat.Voice lvls are to low.

Eny help/advice/solutions would be most appreciated.

Thx Will


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Does it do it on just DVD, or is it Sky too???
If both, then in manual setup, turn the centre up and the others down a bit.
If it's just DVD, check the audio settings for the DVD player.
Also, on my 557, there is a setting for resistance of the speakers (4-8 ohm etc), check that too.
Things to try, maybe :smashin:

Apparently reducing the dynamic range can increase dialogue volume.

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