Center speaker output to 1/8"-3.5 mm mini plug


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I'm new here, so apologies if this has been covered. I found an older thread, but it didn't answer my question.

I'm updating a small art studio room, and I have a small audio system: a Denon bluetooth receiver and a couple of Klipsch satellite speakers. I found the perfect soundbar that fits between my iMac and the desk for a center speaker (24" JBL 30 watt powered), and I wanted to hook it up to the center speaker connections of the receiver.

The only inputs on the speaker are USB, toslink, hdmi, and 3.5 mm.

I had an old pair of RCA to mini plug cables, and I lopped of the RCA ends and wired them to speaker wire but I got no output. Is this a doable project?


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No reason why this won't work, as speaker outputs tend to be quite similar in terms of voltage - just more current available.

Things that might stop it working:
Centre speaker output turned off or broken
Signal and earth switched around
Wrong input selected on sound bar.

Probably worth checking that the amplifier works by connecting another speaker to it and that the centre speaker works by connecting it to another source via the 3.5mm socket.

I would probably use something like this: to provide a level of isolation between the amp and speaker, but with careful level control, it's not really needed.

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'I'm updating a small art studio room, and I have a small audio system' - ignoring the technical mis match of Speaker Out to Line In are you sure that adding a Soundbar below an iMac to integrate with a Front LR pair is a good option?

Any pics of the layout?


Joe Fernand

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'Joe, are you trying to shame me?' - not just curious about your layout.

If you are sitting in a 'normal' workstation layout the Centre channel is unlikely to work set below the iMac - no matter which speaker you utilise.


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