Center channel with dynaudio’s.



Well its not finished yet so I cant say how it sounds, but with dynaudio speakers it can only sound great.. more details soon.

pic 1:

pic 2:

pic 3:

pic 4:

pic 5:

pic 6:

pic 7:

pic 8:

pic 9:

pic 10:

pic 11:

pic 12:

pic 13:

pic 14:

pic 15:

pic 16:

pic 17:

pic 18:

pic 19:

pic 20:

Peter Parker

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Great post. :)

I do like to see step by step builds like that, as it leaves almost nothing to guesswork as to how something was done. Very useful for others who perhaps weren't brave enough to try it until they'd seen something as detailed as this.

Looking forward to the finished product and your review. :)



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That looks great. It'll probably sound better than my Audience 42C.

I thought Dynaudio don't sell drivers to DIYers anymore.


they dont, at a store here there are only a few pieces left and i'm going to try and get them all....

Paul Smith

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It's all looking very interesting, :)

Any chance of some more details to whet our appetites:
Which model drivers are they?
What size is the enclosure?
What frequency is it vented to?
What sort of crossover are you planning for?


p.s It's similar to something I am doing at the moment (although I am using Morel drivers).


Thanks guys for your comments. Well the woofers are dynaudios 17w75XL with 3inch voice coil, and the tweeters are SEAS, the enclosures size is H55x D35x W25, the hole speaker isn’t finished yet cos I haven’t found any time to finish the out side, so I cant tell you how it sounds, but I believe the dynaudios wont let me down. The Xover is been designed by a friend of mine which is a specialist with xovers and he will be using some crossover plans from dynaudio.. i’ll be back soon with new pictures…cheers:smashin:

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