Cellular - oh dear!!


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I had the misfortune to rent this last night - probably the worst £3.25 I have ever spent.

It has been a long time since I stopped watching a rented film before the end, but it nearly happened last night (believe last time was Iron Eagle III a long time ago!!). In the end I left it running but was reading a magazine and walking around the house for the last hour of it, popping in and out of the story to see how ludicrous it had become.

Everything about it is BAD. The acting is poor, the storyline really silly, the main male actor in it is AWFUL - and Kelly Brooks ex is not far behind him, its cliched beyond belief, doesn't know if it wants to be a comedy or a thriller, awful continuity, appears to have been made for the mobile-obsessed generation who get excited about a new ringtone. It would make a poor TV movie at best.

And the main reason for me renting it in the 1st place? Because William H. Macy was in it. I'm a big fan of his but surely he must regret this turkey.

Anyone else had the misfortune to see this rubbish, or does anyone want to post to say that they enjoyed it?

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