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I am about to move and as such, will unfortunately lose my cinema room. I currently have a Sammy D8000 55" in the lounge and a little 38" TV in the bedroom.

So, I was thinking in the new place of demoting the Sammy to the bedroom. Demoting the 38" TV to the kitchen and selling the projector. (I can't stand living room projectors without adequate blackout)

I am looking for a big-fat TV that will somewhat replace the projector. Which happens to be a £1000 6 year old 1080p Epson on a 100" screen. So I want the TV to be 65" or larger.

I came across this:

75" Ultra Hd Led Tv 3840 X 2160 Resolution Black 3 X Hdmi 1 X Usb V - Ebuyer

I think, it might fit my needs, but there are ZERO reviews of this UK built set on the web. They make a 75,80 and 85 inch variant of this 4k set. This 75" is at £1900, found the 85" set at under £4000.

I have been looking all over the LG OLEDS with a hawkeye but I am not sure anything I might even want to watch will be HDR 4k yet. As for picture quality, I am after something better than my old D8000 (from 2011) Which I assume, even a £1900 75" LED backlit 4k set might just do? And it cant be worse PQ than my projector, which I am already happy enough with.

What do you think?
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Its made by Cello....

Cello made some TV's that were sold where I work some years back. I was told by Tech Support that a fairly large number came back. They were not stocked a second year. They used to make some for M & S (under the M & S brand name), which had horrible reviews. Perhaps they've got better, perhaps not. And Goodmans doesn't exactly inspire confidence either.

Your used to a D8000. That was a very high level panel. 4K sets (be it sidelit, backlit or Uncle Tom Cobberly and all), are still judged by contrast ratio and refresh. Your 55in is a very good one. I'm not convinced the Cello/Goodmans one will be in the same league. Anyone can make a 4K set, but not everyone can make a good one.

Its also worrying that there are no reviews, no spec, and seemingly no place to actually buy it, other than the net. If your spending two grand on anything, its wise to at least see it in the flesh. TV's are very individual things - and picture quality is in the eye of the beholder, so its always best to see a set, if you can. And at £2000, thats a big risk if its doesn't match expectations.

If you were looking for a 65in screen, then the very nice JS9000 is available for £2699 at the moment, and the JS8500 at £2429. Thats not a vast leap from the price of the Cello, but I know they are good. 75in gets a lot thinner on the ground, but its not impossible to get a decent deal.

I'd buy something at the right size, and the right quality.

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