Cellar conversion to home cinema

After what seems like an eternity, it is finally finished :)

Really pleased with the result, looking back at the early pictures its hard to believe that such a nice room can come out of what was such a awful cellar. The work took around 2 months, although the builders werent working on it fulltime, but it felt like forever.

The colour scheme we decided on upon seeing some of the setups here, and yes, it is Crown Chocolate Suede! The walls are Ivory Suede, again by Crown :)

I bought a Denon 3808 receiver, and Kef 5005.2 speakers.

First up here are the before and during pictures -

... and here are the completed pictures.

All that I need to do now is find a proper AV rack for the Denon and HTPC, and put up some movie posters :)



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Have you used photobucket or imageshack?
I just uploaded them using the attachment facility here, Ill look at the ones you suggested instead.

Re the projector, the room is approx 12 x 12 ft, its just a bit small IMO for a projector. Id love one, but not in this room, and the plasma (50") is more than sufficient for me until I can afford a house with a bigger HC room :)


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Great conversion mate, looke amazing



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I hate these threads . . . . . . it just make me jealous i don't have a spare room ( cellar !! ) to have a dedicated setup. :smashin:

Great job mate, nice clean and tidy setup, i didn't notice any Blu tho, get yourself a PS3 in there :thumbsup:


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Very nice mate! great effort:thumbsup:

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Nice :smashin:
Many thanks for the kind responses :)

The panasonic model is 50PHW5 which Ive had several years now, as much as Im always tempted by the 1080p Kuros I cant bring myself to part with this screen.

The black stuff is Bitumen paint, the cellar is pretty dry so I didnt need expensive isolation options. There was a lot of headroom in there so I didnt need to dig down either, Im over 6ft and have no problems in there, I was pretty lucky in that respect.

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