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Hi all

I am looking for some information on Ditton 88's.

They have twin 12" woofers of the same type as the Ditton 66's (although the 66's have only 1 + 12" passive bass radiator) I have attached a picture.



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Been searching for links to these great speakers as I recently acquired a pair! They are indeed fantastic speakers. The imaging is amazing, the sound is smooth from the deep and authoritative bass, through the liquid midrange and on to the incredibly lifelike highs. How did Celestion accomplish all this so long ago - I guess speaker design is more than just computer programming and more like art. I can only compare the music that emanates from these wonders to the classic Tannoys of the 60's , one of which I owned - the Monitor Gold 15's . In fact both woofers are active and the tweeters are somewhat larger than those in the 66's. They have a beautiful light oak finish on all five sides and the grills alone must weigh ten to fifteen pounds! There was no scrimping on the construction of these babies! They are large, though the footprint is smaller than the old Tannoys, but WAF be damned - it's about the music, right?


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Ditton works

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I always wondered what the 88 sounded like. Never seen a pair in the flesh and I used to work got celestion!! They are very rare. Nice!! Enjoy them.

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