Celestion AVP5 package ...any good ??


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As a short term stop gap!!

Seen these 5 small speakers at RS
was £100 now "£20"
Celestion have a good reputation etc
and small speakers can be good
Eggs..Aego etc
to be hooked up to a sony db780
anybody have this set
any feed back is most welcome


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Well for £20 you cant really go wrong can you ? You cant really expect half decent sound for that money but knowing how things are you will probably get it.

Just buy them is my advice, they really are throw away at that price. If they are terrible sell them on ebay for £40 !


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You are right
will pick them up at the w/e
But why only £20 for such a good brand
Was waiting for a any previous owners to praise/slate them

Ian J

I would guess that they are an old line and RS has bought all of the remaining stock from the factory at a very cheap price

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