Ceiling Speakers to Replace Heights for Atmos?


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What I really need is a holiday, but that's no easy thing at the moment, so my attention is still on playing around with my HT setup.

Having upgraded the 5 main speakers I'm a step closer to where I want to be. One question still hanging over me is with regard to Atmos.
Currently I have Bronze 1s for front and rear height angled to MLP.

I was curious to know if in-ceiling speakers would produce a better effect, and more specifically if two overhead in-ceiling speakers above the MLP should produce a better effect than 4 bookshelf speakers installed as height? Also, is there a major benefit to having 4x in-ceiling speakers over two mounted directly over MLP? As usual there is loads of conflicting opinions out there from what I have read.


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From what everyone ever says, most people have an order of enjoyment with Atmos

In-Ceiling always comes out on top as the preferred choice (as expected), then its a mixture between using Atmos speaker high up on the walls for a focused sound directed to the required points or using them to reflex the sound of the ceiling again to the required points.

So, if you can utilise in-ceiling speakers like the ones shown, this would give you the great option whereas using Atmos speakers in either orientation will be down to your ears :)


The consensus is that two, preferably four, ceiling speakers are the best option for Atmos. You will have to have room behind the MLP to facilitate the correct placement in a 5.1.4 or 7.1.4 and you want the ceiling to be fairly high, certainly no lower than 8 feet.

You will need to follow this guide as closely as you possibly can.



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Thanks both, I've been reading through the Dolby guide over the past few days, and it's certainly does highlight the fact that ceiling speakers are prefered. I've actually tried moving my rear heights forward to act more like in-ceiling, so I might try that and see if I can notice a difference from the rear position.

It's an 80s house, so ceilings aren't particularly hight at around 8ft. Would you think it's likely to limit the effect I can achieve?

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