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Im trying to figure out what kind of flush ceiling speakers I should get for my parents living room. My dad has been quite a fan of the install in my living room for a while and wants to replicate it at his house in a redecorated living room they are currently working on.

Ive managed to convince him to go for surround sound so he has bought a separate amp Sony STR-DH520 7.1, my mother has specifically stated she doesn't want any speakers around the room. however were going to sneak a subwoofer in somewhere lol. so in order to keep her happy we thought ceiling speakers would be the best option. We have a budget of around £600 - £700 for 5 speakers and a subwoofer.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to what we could use at that kind of price, im up for using higher quality stuff at the front and perhaps cheaper stuff at the back.

any thoughts?

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There were some threads a few weeks back but I didnt pay much attention as I don't have/need them - I would presume they are quite specialist (e.g. expensive) kit - and need a lot of space to mount them in - let alone the mess. I would politely suggest searching the forum to see what was recommended.

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I do.
Have a look at my experience/setup here.
Please sing out if you've got any queries.
Cost for the 5 MA speakers and the BK XLS200 DF was just over £800.00.
Kind regards
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Ceiling speakers will be fine for tears but not suitable for fronts ad they are not going to be directional enough. For the fronts in or on wall speakers would be more appropriate. Bear in mind ceiling and in wall speakers are hard to fit as cable needs to be run behind wall and ceiling etc.


fitting shouldn't be an issue the plasters mostly coming off and the ceiling has been taken down so its all from scratch, I actually found a website after some searching on here yesterday that only sells them so i was at least able to compare a few models

Ive got an idea on which i might go for just see what i convince my parents to pay for it.

I might be able to convince them to go for an in wall centre speaker at the least but im not convinced they will. Ill get some photos going soon as it should be a pretty good build to be honest probably a lot nicer than my own


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Try to get in walls for the fronts or on walls. The other issue ceiling speakers is the sound not being attached to screen due to them being remote from it. This can give a very weird front soundstage. You really need the fronts placed close to and around the screen.


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There are various solutions to getting ceiling speakers to aim correctly, such as pivoting or motorized drop. And of course in-wall already points correctly. There are also solutions for subwoofers when they can't go out in the open.

An absolutely wonderful UK resource for all things audio in a ceiling, wall or floor is Ceiling-Speakers.co.uk - The Definitive Resource for High Quality in-Ceiling Speakers. This should give you a good idea of what's possible and what's not, as well as what compromises you'll have to make for each option.
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I had no other choice but to have ceiling speakers all round and I'm very happy with the results.

I've got 3 Monitor audio C280LCR C280-LCR | 200 Series | Monitor Audio for my fronts, which I got from here Clearance and Promotional Speakers from Ceiling-Speakers.co.uk - Find the perfect ceiling speaker and hear the difference

And for the rears I have 2 Monitor Audio cpc bronze CPC BR | CP | Monitor Audio which I got off ebay.

I paid around £600 in total for the ceiling speakers and then got a Monitor Audio RSW12 sub off ebay for £200.

I would definitely suggest getting speakers with pivotal tweeters as I have played around with these a lot and they can make a hell of a difference to the sound quality.

Just to quote Mark.Yudkin, I can't recommend ceiling-speakers.co.uk enough. I had a look on there clearance section then phoned them up and made a cheeky offer on the 3 that I bought. They were very helpful and willing to barter.

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