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Ceiling speakers - positioning and model advice


Novice Member
Hi everyone

New to the forum and hoping to pick some wise brains here :)

We're currently having our house extended ... specifically the rear dining room will be extended to allow us to have a chill out tv section and a more formal dining area to and also interconnect to an open kitchen. We wanted to include some ceiling speakers near the rear for the dining and kitchen areas and one of the key criteria are that they need to be discrete and ideally provide some good sound for background music listening (perhaps even to relay whatever is on the tv).

I've attached a plan showing the layout:
- the dining room size is 3.5m wide and 7.6m long with 2.6m high ceilings
- the kitchen is approx 3.8m x 3.8m with 2.6m high ceilings
- The black dots are spot light positions
- The yellow dots are pendant light positions
- The green section shows where a wall mounted tv will go along with a sound bar (possibly a Sonos playbar)
- There is a 2m x 1m roof lantern near the rear bifold door in the dining room

I've drawn in where I think we'd like to position some ceiling speakers where blue is the left speaker and red is the right speaker.

What do you think of the positioning as I've drawn out? Initially I wanted to place the dining room speakers to either side of the lantern but I think they may be too close to the wall after reading on here.

Is there any better configuration you would suggest?

Also with respect to speakers themselves, the budget is super tight so I'm considering either:

- 4 x Adastra 6.5" speakers with directional tweeters - larger than spotlights but maybe the directional tweeters are helpful for my room layout? 4 speakers approx £120
- 4 x Kef Ci50r sound light speakers - nice and small so will blend in with existing spots better. 4 speakers approx £200

Any thoughts on these? I know I'm not going to be blown away by bass and sound quality in general but would like to try to get the best I can with the budget I have.

Really appreciate any help you can provide on this !


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    lighting speaker.png
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Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
PLAYBAR under the TV and a PLAY:3 in the Dining/Kitchen will be ideal - plonk the PLAY:3 on top of the Kitchen cabinets and you'll be good to go.



Novice Member
PLAYBAR under the TV and a PLAY:3 in the Dining/Kitchen will be ideal - plonk the PLAY:3 on top of the Kitchen cabinets and you'll be good to go.

Joe ! Many thanks.

I came to exactly this conclusion last night after racking my brain more on possible set up. Once I considered the cost of the speakers and the need for a decent amp (sonos connect amp) along with the fact that I would still not getting great sound for the budget speakers (along with a permanent set of holes up in the ceiling) .... I was hit with the idea of just getting a decent sonos play box.... Was considering the play 5 but the 3 or even a couple of play 1s would be the right solution.

Thanks for replying!

Joe Fernand

Distinguished Member
AVForums Sponsor
Have configured plenty of similar layouts and a PLAY:3 or a couple of PLAY:1 usually does the trick and keeps everything neat and flexible in terms of controlling the system (the latest update to the Sonos Controller for iOS and Android is looking good - though a bit clunky getting it loaded).


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