Question Ceiling speakers a good idea?


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I'm looking to utilise the zone 2 feature on my Denon AV receiver and put a pair of speakers in my kitchen.

I've got a pair of old Denon bookshelf speakers kicking around which sound great, but they're far too big for where I want to mount them. I think any speakers small enough to mount will either be too feeble, or cost a bomb.

As an alternative, I was thinking of perhaps looking at ceiling speakers. I'm not looking for stunning sound as if I'm in the kitchen there will be other noise going on, but I want it to be reasonable quality and have reasonable ooomph.

My budget is as small as possible, but I don't want cheap tat. Any suggestions? Is it wise to buy fire hoods as well, or is that dependant on the models and/or how they are fitted?


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I have ceiling speakers in my kitchen and they are great for background music etc. so if this is what you want then would be a good option. Fitting ceiling speakers can be a bit tricky. I fitted mine when I was redoing the kitchen so I was taking down the ceiling anyway so easy to run the cables etc. Would be a lot more difficult if you are trying to fit them with the ceiling still up.
I have some closed back Monitor Audio speakers but have not fitted fire hoods.


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agree with PSM1 - great and unobtrusive for a kitchen and the monitor audio or q acoustics off a good price/quality - some of the monitor audio have directional tweeters etc so sweetspot can be created! :)


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I hate to continually be the bringer of doom to such discussions. But getting speakers in the ceiling is the easy part. The hard part is getting the wires back to the amp. Give serious thought to what it is going to take to get those wires in the walls and ceilings and back to the amp. That frequently requires the wall and ceiling to be torn up to some degree, and then plastered and repainted. How complex and how tore up, is very situation dependent. You might get lucky, you might not.



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Thanks for the replies folks.

The cables aren't a problem. We're ripping out the kitchen, knocking down walls and re-wiring so this is the perfect time. The only problem is not having the money left for the speakers!

The kitchen will be ~4mx5m and I was thinking of getting a couple of
Monitor Audio CT165's and positioning them as follows:


Would that be an acceptable solution?


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That will be fine, but ideally if you can position them slightly off centre, some sound reflection will be reduced from the side walls.
A minor detail, but good practice nevertheless.

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