Ceiling Speaker Fire hoods


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Does anyone does if it's acceptable to build a box for the ceiling speakers from fibreboard rather than using the hoods? It's below an inhabited room.

I have some left over from boarding my steel and seems like it would be a sensible cheap solution to me?



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double layered fire rated fiberboard is fine...and all edges and corners sealed with fire rated sealant...something like pink gripfill exactly like you would of done cladding steel work.



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Because your supposed to, the plasterboard is a fire barrier, cutting a hole in it for speakers or lights allows a fire to spread much quicker, hence you are supposed to fit fire hoods.


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Pink gripfill isn't fire rated mate

Why are you wanting to use fire hoods anyway?
doh...yes confused with metacaulk which is pink....!!!

fire hoods are a reg (IEE wireing regulations 527-02-01)unfortunately but very easy to overcome....

the reg actually states:

Regulation 527-02-01 requires that where a wiring system passes through elements of building construction such as floors, walls, roofs, ceilings, partitions or cavity barriers, the openings remaining after passage of the wiring system shall be sealed according to the degree of fire resistance required of the element concerned...............

better safe than sorry for little effort...



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Will also aid sound proofing to the bedroom above, I made mine though using 250mm rock wool so I could fold it and get it through the hole. probably doesn't conform to any regs though.


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probably doesn't conform to any regs though.
Your right there!

Nickffc, I think that particular reg is in reference to holes made after passing cables though fire compartments, not cutting a hole in a ceiling and filling it with a speaker.

IEE wiring regs is nothing to do with speaker cables mate, the only regulations regarding AV wiring are building regs


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Adam, you should be fine to build it out of that, although it does depend on how large the hole you're drilling is.

Nickffc, Ronski,

Ash is correct in that just because you're making an opening in a ceiling it doesn't mean you have to use a fire hoods. If I can refer you to this article by the IET:

"These results were, perhaps, surprising in that they
confirmed that downlighters, even without being
boxed in and with no fire hoods, in plasterboard
ceilings have little significant effect on fire resistance
ratings up to 30 minutes"

It's this '30 minutes' that is critical part of discussion about fire hoods or not. As long as you have the 30 minutes resilience then you don't need hoods and as the evidence above states, between habitable rooms you don't need them.


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Thanks Guys.

@ Geps it's 200mm cut out for the speakers.They made us throw stones on a flat roof to achieve the 30 minutes fire rating too already

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