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Hi all,

I am looking for some advice for my room.

I am wanting to add 5 ceiling speakers in order to have a 'movie' appeal to the room.

I have added an rough plan of the room.

I would like to know if a 5.1 all ceiling speaker setup is worthwhile.

I am happy to make the rear speakers "in wall" however I do prefer the look of ceiling speakers.

Any advice would be kindly appreciated.



Welcome to the Forum.

Having ceiling speakers for a main audio set up is probably one of the worse layouts. The best audio is when the tweeters are at a seated head height where sound, especially dialogue, will be fixed to the screen that you are watching. The soundfield, left to right, will allow for panning that the brain can more easily follow. When all speakers are in the ceiling the response is flat and one dimensional.

It is though a popular layout in houses that want less clutter or a cleaner look and is a lifestyle choice rather can a good serious audio choice. As for music then you may just as well go for a walk in your local supermarket.

The only place for ceiling speakers in a home cinema set up is for those that are employed in the Atmos domain.
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