Ceiling Mounting?


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Can you advise on this one?

I live in a townhouse that has concrete floors and no joists. I am looking to mount a 6-7ft Electric screen on the ceiling one foot away from the wall (so the screen drop clears the mantlepiece).

A few questions have arisen that I do not know the answer to.

Firstly, should I mount the screen just into the ceiling using splay fixings? Although the screen will only be 1 foot off the wall, I am concerned that this will not be strong enough to support the weight.

Secondly, if I have to drill into the concrete floor above me, which is the best screen model to use?

Thirdly, can you recommend anyone to install this. Whilst I am happy to pay a good market rate, my local firm seem too expensive.

I am based on the Berkshire/Surrey border.

Thank you for looking at this.

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Hi Paul

Regarding Question one im no expert on fitting screens so i cant really answer that one im sure there are the correct fixings available out there on the market.Your second point it would not make any difference really all wall and celling screens come with top and face fix brackets,and to your last question fitting screens is not part of our business and its not something we get involved with.


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hi Paul,

Fitting the screen should be easily possible yourself one way or another. The distance from the wall shouldn't have any bearing, it's the material above the screen that matters (you can hang a screen in the middle of your lounge should you so desire as long as it's fixed to a joist or girder !!;) )

First thing to ascertain is what are you going into ? You say concrete floors & no joists ? Can you elaborate on this a bit please ? The ceiling structure must have some form of load bearing support, be they RSJ's or joists or crossbearers of some description ?

Electric screens are not hugely heavy (unless you're buying a super duper multi aspect thingy) & just require a good solid fixing as per if you were hanging, say, a large fluorescent fitting or similar. In my situation I lifted the floor above the screen & fixed 4"x2" bearers in between the joists. I then simply screwed the screen brackets thru the plasterboard directly into these bearers which effectively distribute the load out to the ceiling joists. In the case of a concrete fixing point (??) I would hang the screen using small rawbolts or similar concrete fixings (Wickes or Screwfix have umpteen types).

All of the electric screens out there should be supplied with wall or ceiling fixing brackets so it would simply be a case of fitting these using 3 or 4 decent fixings, then attaching the screen to them (usually into a recess with an allen bolt holding them in place). It is important whilst doing this to ensure that the screen hangs level, to acheive this you can insert MDF packers of differing thicknesses in between the bracket & the ceiling until a spirit level shows horizontal between the two brackets. (painting the MDF white will hide it nicely.

I have included a couple of pics of my screen during install...

If you find out a few more details I can advise further.





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other pic...



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Thank you for this, it had been very useful.

It looks like I need to cut the ceiling away and install an 'in the ceiling' screen. I need to get in there anyway to ensure I can route cables to my projector. It will also be more discreet and give me a bigger screen.

You are right though, the ceiling must have some support, but I am waiting for the builders, Barratts, to come back and tell me how they built it!

Thanks for your help,

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