Ceiling mounted speakers in two room set up


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Oct 17, 2006
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First off, sorry to Mods and members if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I'm genuinely unsure where this fits best. Mods, move if necessary.

I'm wanting a simple two room set up with ceiling mounted speakers in my kitchen run from a stereo amp in the living room. I was thinking of using car speakers for their cheapness and flush fit, but was concerned if they may be incompatible with a standard stereo amp. Output of amp is 75W but noted that alot of car speakers are quoted at 2 ohms. Is this a problem?

If anyone can recommend domestic flush mount ceiling speakers that would be great but I'm not really looking for audiophile performance, just something clear and ambient.

Amp is CA Azur 640A V2 but thought the Incognito set up may be a bit too fancy. Any thoughts?
there ar eplanty of good ceiling speakers out there but expect to pay £100+ a pair any less and your wasting your money on the AMP and go for a known brand there are lots of cheap nasty speakers used in shops etc that are plain awful dont waste your money

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