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Have had last got permission from "HQ" to install a permanent screen in our lounge after going to great lengths to ensure that my Home Entertainment System has not made the room, look like a Dixons showroom!

However requirements are: -

1. Ceiling mounted and installed in a white housing

2. The housing really needs to be quite slim/small - I have been looking on www.drhscreens.co.uk and their housings look quite large - my plan is to mount the screen just in front of the corniche which goes all round our room - this way, when the screen is down, it will cover the existing pictures on the wall without having to take them down - and will look more natural when it is retracted

3. Dimensions - preferably one which I can specify beforehand but width no longer than 98" including the housing but would like to tailor the drop if possible

4. It must be remote controlled - or can be via my Marantz RC 5200 Remote

5. I'd rather not pay more than say £500 - £750

Any ideas or recommendations etc - it would be good too to know the best type of screen material - I am hoping to rig it up with an Infocus ScreenPlay 5700 DLP projector

Many thanks in advance



Hi rozel,

My aims in getting an electric screen were very much along the same lines as yours. I looked at DRH, Ellie and Nexnix (last two are both made by same italian company aparently - same as OWL, but they get theirs painted black)

I heard on these boards that the DRH offering was quite loud. I prefered to go for one that I knew used the Somfy motor, which is known for being very quiet. Also I didn't like the look of the fixed mounting brackets on the DRH or the little black endcaps on the weighted crossbar - which doesn't fully retract.

In the end, I went for the Ellie screen (Advantage 200) as sold by ScreensUK, partly due to location and best price, partly just a gut feel from other posts and talking to them on the phone.

So I got the screen last week, and it fitted real easy, due to the removable brackets (phew!). I then adjusted the limits on it to put the drop where I wanted.

There is slight rippling in the top corners of the border, and I've had a word with ScreensUK about it. They say it's usual for screens shipped in the winter, and that when hung the warmth of the house will cause them to settle out. We shall see how that goes though they aren't too bad as it is, just the only niggle I have. They said to get back to them if it doesn't get any better.

The housing is white with black endcaps, I will probably paint these white too, once I'm happy with the scren as a whole. I would not go for the narrowest housing possible, as that would mean a very slender screen roller. These tend to sag under the screen weight, leading to ripples that get worse over time.

Just my 2p, hope some of it helps.

I'll try to put up some pics this week, if I get time on Thursday.



I was surprised at the size of my Ellie case when it arrived, it looked huge in the box. However once mounted inbetween the sides of my bay window it almost seems to vanish. I was prepared to have to extend the trelis that's above the bay across infront of the case to help hide it but friends and I have agreed it's just not neccasary and might even draw more attention. :)

If you get one that virtually fills the gap it's hanging in I think you'll be okay, or consider building a box across the entire wall to make it a feature. You could even place concealed lighting behind the box for a nice effect. Another one I've seen to placing it in the ceiling with just a slot for the screen to drop thru.

Personally I'd avoid getting the suppliers remote options, most are RF so just another remote for the collection and all tend to be >£100.

Instead get the X10 screen/shutter control switch and X10 IR Remote reciever (about £80 total). You can then program as many screen heights as you like by sending X10 Device ID, X10 Off/close, pause 20 odd seconds, X10 Off/close.

And just X10 Device ID, X10 On/open to retract it again.

Good luck!


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If you want discrete, you could do what I did :


Mine's a DRH, but as you'll see from the links, the size of the unit is not relavent.


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