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Aug 17, 2002
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Just purchased a pair of B&W CDM80's for use as centre rear.

Ideally, how far behind the listening position should these be mounted and how far apart should the be for optimum performance?


They should be mounted about 0.5m apart, joists and ceiling strength permitting, and ideally the same distance from you as your side surrounds. Failing that I think around 1m behind you is the min if poss.

If you can box in the speakers with plasterboard or similar. Give them each approx 1 cubic foot of air, this will improve their bass response and help keep down sound leaking to the floor above. If you can get some Dacron filling (the stuff used in speaker as damping) put some in as well as this will also help with the bass.

You chosen well with the CCM80's, I've used many on installs mainly in kitchens.

thanks for the swift response.

Glad you experience of these speakers and rate them.

All of the other speakers I have just purchased were bought after extensive listening at home.

As it was almost impossible to audition these I bought them on the recommendation of the dealer I ended up buying the other speakers from.

I should be able to install as per your recommendation.

Where would I be able to get Dacron from?

I've only even used Dacron because we had an in-car dept at work, and they used it quite a lot for in-car subs etc. It's not really essential, boxing them in will be a huge improvement over not though.

For a supplier you could try a local in-car dealer, probably your best bet.

I will attempt to box them in and I'll try the local car audio shop to see if he can oblige with the Dacron.

Thanks again.


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