Ceiling mount rears


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Hi all!

Newbie here ... Fantastic forum, it's been an inspiration and an excellent source of info for me so far. Not to mention an instant wallet-emptier. :D

I've just taken delivery of some new shiny kit, but I've yet to set it up . . .

Pio434 panel
Pio501 amp
Pio686 dvd
MK K5's (fronts and centre)
B&W CCM65 (ceiling mount rears)

The demo I had with this kit was fantastic, but since delivery I've had several opinions saying that ceiling-mount rears are a big no-no, both in the installation and sound reproduction stakes. :confused:

Does anyone else here have an opinion on them? Or have something similar installed?

Much appreciated.


Ceiling mount rears? What's the problem? We often put in in-ceiling rear speakers, by Sonance. They are THX certified, so there can't be much wrong with the position. I can't vouch for your speakers, I've never heard them, but B&W don't usually produce any rubbish, so probs. fine.


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Excellent. Cheers, MAW.

I know I should trust my own ears, but I was just getting a few jitters about the whole thing before we start drilling holes etc! :)

Speaking of which, anyone know of any installers in the MK area? I only know of Technosound and they were quoting silly money.:(


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Everything! :laugh: Panel on wall, ceiling mounts in err...ceiling, all cables hidden etc.

But just spoken to a builder who we had round . . . he said he's done a few installs and will come round to assess/help etc.


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Thanks very much for the offer, MAW. He's coming tomorrow, so I'll see how it goes.


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