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Jul 2, 2003
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Looking to ceiling mount my PJ (Benq 5120) soon. Just have a few questions first.

1. Which goes up first? PJ or screen?
2. I have a ceiling light in the direct path of the PJ/screen which hangs 30cm from the ceiling. The light is dead centre to the room and moving it is not an option. The mount I have is pretty much flush fitting (one of the eBay 20 odd pound jobbies) but can I tilt the PJ enough to compensate missing the light and resort myself to using keystone?
3. The screen is going to be just over 3 metres from the PJ and I have a 6' screen. Will I be able to fill the screen without any (major) problems?

Thanks :)
Can you not chnage the light fitting at all?? I had 2 chandalier type lights in my way and seeing as we never used them (wall lights get used) I fitted 2 flush mounted ceiling fans insread, Can you get a differne tlight?? I looked at the ceiling mounted halogen spot light things..
1. PJ
2. Probably not & keystoning is a feature best avoided on a permanent install
3. Divide the distance to screen by the throw ratio to get the screen size.
1: Screen? Surely you should put up the screen first then fine tune the position of the projector to suit? It's a lot easier to move a PJ about instead of finding out you've mounted it 10cm too short and now it won't fill the screen! (assuming of course that you're hanging the screen off a wall/backing onto a wall, they're a lot harder to move!)

2: You can change your mount - Or you can change your light - they are the only worthwhile options! If your PJ had lens shift, you could use that and mount it off to one side, but unfortunately, the BENQ lacks this feature. :(

3: You should be pretty much spot on :smashin:
I've always found it easier to mount the PJ, get the picture on the wall and then order the screen to fit the size of the image that best suits the room. In this case until the light fitting problem is overcome I wouldn't be drilling any holes.
First get your exact throw distance. Mount the projector (most can be moved forwards or backwards about 20cm)(be careful drilling around lights for the power in the ceiling)(take into account lamp offest). Then you can get a square image to measure the centre to. Measure the centre of the screen and match them up.
As for the light being dead centre, dont forget that most projectors have a lamp centre offset of about 3 inches. Put the mount to the left or right of the light depending on the offset. This should still get your screen close to the centre of the room give or take an inch.;)
Hope this helps....Let us know
1- Depends. In my case screen will go first... The place to put the screen and the viewing distance limits the size of the screen. So, first i have to put the screen and position the PJ according to that.

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