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Hopefully out there has come across the same problem that I have.

Basically I live in a newish flat, which made from cardboard as far as I can tell, so I have no idea how to ceiling mount my projector screen!

Currently I have manual screen that weighs about 5kg and I hang it as and when I need it from 2 hooks that I have secured into the plasterboard using Heavy Weight fixing from a DIY shop. This has worked for a while but is very annoying as I am not confident enough to leave it up all the time, plus I don't believe I can pull the screen down without putting too much weight on it and just ripping my ceiling down...that would be bad, in addition it also means my very short girlfriend is unable to watch anything on the big screen without me as she simply cant reach to put the screen up!

I had thought of a floor standing screen, no can do though, I use a Sony RHT-G800 Surround Sound Stand for my Audio, saves on wires, so cant have anything that pulls out of a box and 'self erects' in front of it! :)

So, moving on, I want to get an electric screen, not sure how much they weigh but lets assume 10kg! So, without access from above I am unable to put a batton in the ceiling to attach to. I don't trust simply using the same 2 hooks I currently use and there are no joists anywhere near where I need to mount it, in all honesty I have no idea how this flat doesn't just fall over.:D

Please get back to me if anyone has successfully encountered and beaten the same problem, pictures would be very helpful!



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Not sure what screens your looking at but I think you'll find they weigh a fair bit more than 10KG. I guess the size will have an impact on this. I have a 106" DaLite electric tab tension screen installed, and it weighed around 50Kg from memory.

Unbelievably, mine is hung from two hooks, but they are "very" heavy duty and they are bolted through 4"x2" timber mounted within the ceiling void itself. If you look in my DIY post in my footer you should be able to see them (you need to page past the Dining Room install and get to the lounge bit).

You also need to bear in mind that the screens give a "kick" when they start and stop which will put added strain on the mounting.

Best thing I can think of to mount the screen below the ceiling would be to try and find the ceiling joists and get some really hefty fixings at multiple points (maybe a beam of timber if the joists run in the opposite direction to the screen) and then mount to this.

Maybe a pic of the room will help in case there are any alternatives?

Hope that helps



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try pushing a screw driver though the plasterboard ,if it stops after 2 or 3 inches there is a good chance that it has hit concrete beam and block which you will be able to fix to no prob.let me know what you find


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Cheers for the responses,

I spent some time looking at the weights and they seem to be around 15kg for what I am looking for.

I will have a proper look tonight and see if I can find the beams, they must be there somewhere, I just didn't want to destroy my ceiling looking for them, might have some success with one of the beam finding electronic devices!

I shall report back as to how I get on.




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It is difficult to advice on this without firm information on the construction of your flat.

It might not be possible to fix the screen to ceiling as the wooden joists may run in the wrong direction. If you can not fix the screen to ceiling it might be possible to fix to the wall. Plasterboard walls normally have wooden upright studs at regular intervals and you could screw a wooden batten to them. Then screw metal brackets to the batten and mount the screen on to the brackets.


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Trying to find the upper flat concrete base is probably your best bet as suggested by andy900uk - this is what I have seen done for projector screen installs with suspended ceilings at work.

Or you could try fixing 2 large plywood plates (about 1 foot square) to the ceiling using 4 heavy duty plasterboard bolts. Then hook the screen onto these plates thereby spreading the load across 8 fixings (4 each end) rather than 2. But you're still reliant on the plasterboard strength - worst case is the whole board comes down!

Or move the screen to the nearest ceiling joist.


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when i mounted my screen i first put up a piece off 2x1 cut the length of the screen screwed this using some long screws into the joists i could find the others are plasterboard fixings i then mounted the hooks for the screen to this, its going nowhere, i have boxed in around the screen so i dont see any of it.

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