Ceiling Mount and Screen choice for Epson EMP-TW10H


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I'm finally getting around to properly setting up my projector but I would appreciate some advice on which screen and ceiling mount to go for.

I have the Epson EMP-TW10H projector which came with a portable tripod 60" 16:9 screen. The screen isn't big enough when mounting the PJ more than a couple of meters away, plus it is a pain to get it out every time I want to use the PJ.

My plan is to make the projector setup more permanent and mount the projector on the ceiling and mount a large screen on the ceiling which will pull down in-front of my plasma for watching movies etc. (maybe mounting it flush in the ceiling one day).

The projector didn't cost a lot to start with so I don't want to spend too much on the mount and screen. I would like a motorised screen but can't justify the money at the moment so I think a manual one will be fine.

I have been reading what other people have on AVForums and a company called DRH Projection Screens seems to be popular. The manual Slimline 16:9 screen looks to be a nice price at £158 inc VAT and delivery for the decently sized 203cm x 114cm screen. http://www.drhscreens.co.uk/buy.asp. Would people recommend this screen? If not what other alternatives would people recommend? I like the fact it is a proper 16:9 screen with black edges and pulls down so the top of the picture is a good 50cm from ceiling height. The screen only has a gain of 1:1, is this going to be fine with my projector? I will be using it mainly at night with at most "mood" lighting. I can't find out what the gain of the standard Epson screen was but that screen looked good enough.

I had a go at making a mount myself to mount the projector on the wall rather than from the ceiling (a sort of shelf which the projector hangs from). Although it worked fine it wasn't the best and also if I get a ceiling mounted screen I will ideally need the PJ mounted level with the top of the screen so a ceiling mount for the PJ would be the next step.

I've had a look around for a ceiling mount and spotted this: http://www.margothedog.com/html/ceiling_projector_mounts.html. They sell on eBay for £15 or so plus P&P. It looks quite good for the price but I'm not sure if it will mount the PJ low enough (the ideal height would be so the center of the lens is level with the top of the screen I believe). Then again with the black section of the screen being 45cm plus a few cm allowed for the mounting of the screen it means the lens would have to be nearly 50cm away from the ceiling to be at optimum height. I don't think I want the projector mounted so low (will look a bit of an eyesore). I know keystone is not a good thing to start using on a projector so I would like to avoid this. Does anyone have any suggestions for a mount? I suppose I could just not pull the screen so far down.

That brings me on to the last point. What is the optimum comfortable screen height / dimensions? It is hard to imagine watching a screen quite high up but I should imagine it isn't too comfortable, like sitting in the front row at a cinema. Also I don't want to get a scree which is just too big. At the moment the centre of my plasma picture is roughly at eye level, the same goes for my portable projector screen. I find this quite comfortable but a ceiling mounted screen will never be that low. Is there a rule to work this out some how? I will be sitting roughly 3m away from the screen (distance from eye to screen) and the projector will be near enough directly above me I would have thought.



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For the distance from screen to PJ, I think a 203cm screen will be too big IMO. You may be better with a 180cm screen. Looking at the Epson manual, it's not very clear on what the offset is when the PJ is ceiling mounted. The manual only seems to mention the height the PJ needs to be from the floor which is a little sketchy at a minimum 20cm giving you little information. I have a Benq 5120 and there's a great chart in the manual giving you all the options and offsets for table and ceiling mounting the PJ but the Epson chart is very basic. To give you an idea, my PJ from 3.4m ceiling mounted gives me an image 170cm wide at an offset of 34cm. Take into account the black section of the screen (45cm, which doesn't have to be fully pulled down as I have only 39cm of black showing), the thickness of the screen casing (6cm) from the ceiling and the length of the PJ ceiling mount (9cm) plus the offset (34cm) and you have a lot of information to work with to line things up with minimum keystone. I ended up being just 3cm out and with a little tilt and keystone set to +1, I'm pretty much spot on.


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I am pretty certain from my tests that the projector will display a picture this large. It seems to have a very wide throw lense (I believe that is the name for it). As an example on the smallest screen setting at the moment (no zoom at all) sat on my coffee table at less than 2m away from the screen I get a 60" diaganal picture. If I use the zoom this can increase to nearly fill my wall!

Looking at some of the documentation for the projector I came across this:

30 - 300 inches (0.73 - 7.58m) (Wide)
30 - 300 inches (1.14 - 11.65m) (Tele)

Not too sure what this means though.


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I use the panny 700 at 3mters away to a 5ft screen, and mounted like you want to mount yours. I used a vcr bracket that fits beneth a tv wall bracket from argos, see my site for pics. Am about to increase the size of screen to 6ft.

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