Question Ceiling challenge for Atmos in dedicated AV room


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Hello everybody .
Here I present you my dedicated AV room . So far I´m very hapy with my 5:1 setting .
I have recenctly updated my AV receiver to a Marantz sr 7012 and would like to try to improve the inmersive experience to Atmos in a 5:1: 2 mode . The problem now arises is that the ceiling of the room is irregular , fact which I thourht to be an advantage in order to break sound reflections , Now I wonder if it would be a better option to go for a front high speaker ( thinking on a Focal Dome or Focal little bird ) or an on ceiling spreakers pointing towurds MLA.
As you can see the false ceiling spans the lateral on the MLA so I dont know ir on ceiling would be affected by reflection on this false ceiling and a front high pair of speakers would work better .
Any advice would be appreciated
Thank you


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I have no solution to your .2 placement but would advise that if at all possible you go for .4 Atmos configuration, that amp should do it and it makes a huge difference


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Thenk you , I shall consider this option though I dont know if four speakers shall fit in the reduced overhead space left by the false ceiling , ando I wouldnt be able to maintain an on line with frontal speakers disposition .


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By the way , Do you think that four Bose cubes ( Bose redline or Bosé Acoustimass ) in a 5:1:4 on ceiling disposition would do the job ? . Do the Bose Acoustimass have to be connected necesarily to the Bose sub or could they connect to the Marantz 7012 ?

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