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Cedia 2005 Usa

Discussion in 'Shows & Events' started by Gordon @ Convergent AV, Sep 21, 2005.

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    Living in Surrey, covering UK!
    What else was at CEDIA.

    You can find my threads about SIM2 and Sony on the forums already but what else did I see. Well I’ll try to remember..

    Pioneer. They had the new 6th gen models playing HD and I have to say that they were obviously superior to the current 5th gen units. They go dark like Pannies now. The material being played was obviously handpicked so can’t really comment on what they’ll look like with PAL TV or R2 DVD. Looking forward to playing with one.

    Optoma. They had a H79 playing I think but we never had time to pop in. There was a static display outside with an H78 and H79 on shelves. The unit on the H79 shelf didn’t look like the H79 I’d just installed in UK as it had OPTOMA in bold letters across it. So I lay on floor to look through glass shelf to see the model number. UK ones are H79E. This one said….either H78 or H76 can’t remember which….as all the cases look the same except for the text I think someone must have been in a hurry putting them on shelves.

    Genelec. Had there little ickle active monitors plus little sub playing and it was good. The big Genelec system was just wasted in the room it was in. Perhaps if they’d played it to the full stadium it’d have been better 

    Arcam had the new AV9. HDMI switching etc. Already discussed on the ARCAM forum.

    New ugly range of REL subs were on show and Velodyne had yet another range of subs to launch. Not sure how many ranges of subs are required from a manufacturer but the Velodyne guys seem to have every base covered…that’s base…not bass.

    There’s a new screen out that you are supposed to be able to use in high brightness areas. It was being shown on a small scale in the open lit area of the RCA dome outside Projection Designs booth. It did show how effective it was but it’s not for serious film watching. If you want a big screen in the summer to watch sport with your mates then it’s cool as you’l forgive the fact you cans see the surface texture very easily from a fair old distance and the fact it hot spots pretty badly.

    Inside the PD 1080p single chipper was being demo’d in prototype form along with the action2 and action3. The Model2 is a tiniy DC3/720P unit and looked pretty decent. The Model3 is the light cannon single chip 720pdc3 unit and strangely it didn’t look much better to me. The 1080p one obviously had more resolution and I didn’t see rainbows with it (nly played for a short time) but it had an obvious granular processed look to it. Good direction though.

    Runco played their VX2 with anamorphic lens on to a 2.35:1 screen in a beautifully designed and built room. They did a really poor job of explaining what they were doing and why but the end result was very pleasant. I was sat at the back and it looked nice. 2.35:1 is the way forward I think, just looks so cool.

    Crestron had a plug and play style control and distributed everything system that looked quite smart. Netstreams, a company had avoided and not really looked in to, had some interesting, affordable IP addressable distributed audio and control systems. I’m going to keep my eye on that stuff for myself possibly.

    Loads of your usual insanely ugly huge speakers and amps abounded along with lots of cable and connector guys.

    HD-DVD and BluRay were there. HD-DVD having a poor demo tent….but with the support of a lot of studios. BluRay with more prototype players in manufacturers booths but with what looked to me a poorer support from studios

    Fujitsu had their booth with all their plasma’s being fed same material and switched by individual AMX panels in front of each, just like last year. Except this year the pictures were better, no small part to the fact they had them in the correct aspect ratio! The 50” up units looked nice. 42” aLis thing still looked iffy to me.

    Now for the more interesting stuff.
    Went to a before and after audio calibration/eq and treatment demo. This had been set up by HAA and Denis Erskine and others. It was billed as two identical rooms and equipment with only set up and treatment difference. Two rooms beside in each other in a hotel were in use. First room had PJ and large screen research screen with triad satellite and sub and Lexicon driving. Speakers on stands in corner. Centre sitting on top of sub under screen. They played some stuff, SteelyDan..yeaugh….and LOTR and BackStreetBoys…..all sounded convincingly dire

    We were then moved to next room and told to sit in same seats. In this room they had constructed a room within a room using scaffold and acoustically transparent curtains to hide what was behind. The screen was much smaller and the centre was behind it at same height as left/right which were also now in best position in room. Played it all again. This time it sounded much better, still unpleasant but the film clips were MUCH more atmospheric and the music you could follow instruments and notes substantially easier. When pressed our compere(who was only drafted in to help out over coffee break) admitted that as well as adding acoustic treatments the levels had been corrected, a huge EQ had been added along with THREE other subs all placed to minimise room modes at the seatinig positions. Elliot snuck his head around the curtain and also noted a pile of power amps. (could be that the subs were passive and that’s what they were for) but, although I believe that acoustics are important this just left a bad taste in my mouth.

    Lastly, Joe Kane was doing a closed demo about DVE Pro so I went along to that. He went through it all and then we started talking about some other stuff. Most interesting was his belief that the current model of film distribution is changing and it’s going to be good for us. He’s been doing technology demo’s for the studio’s in Hollywood. Showing them HD media being streamed from network players. Samsung (who he works with) have made a little unit he’s been using. It now seems that the studio’s are up for it and the plan is to do day and date HD downloads when films arrive at cinema. The theory is that you’ll download a trailer of new upcoming releases. Then you pick the one you want to see. It downloads to the media box and on day of release at cinema you pay your £10 and you get to watch it in comfort of your home. If you want to watch again you pay again, just like going to cinema. Then when the title goes to DVD you pay and you get to keep it. Pretty cool. Saves film distribution costs and brings in market of folk who do not want to go to cinema anymore. You might think this is pie in the sky but I don’t. SkyHD only allows you access to half of the 400GB disc…rest reserved for future services….wonder what that could be……


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