Cechomor - Promeny


Mini review :rolleyes:

Might be of interest to the few with an open mind.

This is a czech folk group that plays traditional songs with electric instruments as well as violins, accordions etc.

Its backed by a symphony orchestra with an arrangement composed by Jaz Coleman (him with the mad stare and vocals that sound like the apocalypse being announced through a microphone).

Its beautifully crafted and the music has vast swathes of lush strings and percussion which is haunting, romantic, sad and beautiful. Love the vocals, particularly the female singer.

If you like the idea of fusing ancient moldovian folk music with a symphony orchestra then give it a whirl.....if you can get hold of a copy, took me about 2 months to track one down.

Im not going to score it. Why? Because Im not a big folky or classical buff thats why. I like it, my wife likes it, she appeared in my listening den about half way through the first song, looked at me quizzicaly (like I was getting religion or something
:laugh: ) then sat through the whole album and enjoyed every bit.

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