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Here are some 'pics' I took today, great event to attend but overall it made me appreciate my own setup just as much as ever! :thumbsup:

Hitachi PJ-TX200 was absolutely 'stunning' and the Panasonic TH-AE900 was also very impressive with a very quick start up time and no VBs. :thumbsup:

As I suspected HDDVD discs are just upscaled - doing that myself already!
Blu-ray pics are identical to HD broadcasts and I can capture them already to my HDD or onto a HDV camcorder. So nothing is making me want to get this latest tech'. :(

LCD and Plasma screens are moving forward with fewer 'artifacts' but still see motion issues which I find very off putting. The 1080p DLP had 'stunning' colours and real vibrancy but lacked a high colour palette with very apparent 'artifacts' being produced in the background. :(

So I am waiting until 1080p PJ become affordable! The Fujitsu has just 'spoiled' me but is a mile away from my wallet!! :(


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Any SED displays on show? Or native 1080p 50" plasmas from Panasonic or Pioneer? Thanks.



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You said that HD DVD discs are upscaled? Are you talking about upscaling DVD players? Or HD DVD/Blu Ray players?
If your talking about HD DVD and Blu Ray then they arent actually upscaled, they are native at 1080i/1080p.

I also attended a show last week in Yokohama. I also wasnt all that impresed by what I saw. Maybe next year will be better.
After all thats when both Blu Ray and HD DVD are supposed to come out.
Same for SED and other such technologies.

What surprises me is that they arent really trying to promote these new HD formats all that much. I guess from the end of this year and the begining of next we will start seeing more adverts and knowledgable staff in the shops.

Im also waiting for more 1080p panels to come out.
Recently Sony launched their new "Bravia" 46" LCD which is pretty good and accepts 1080p signals.

Im guessing sony are preparing us for 1080p material on Blu Ray by releasing a TV that accepts 1080p.

Im sure Sharp and other LCD makers will follow suit.


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Sorry, but I didn't pay much attention to the flat panel displays. There's a Panasonic TH-65PX500 which has a 1080 panel but believe it to be 1080i only. The pioneers are 736 panels. The nicest I have seen is a LCD Sharp Aquos LC45AE5 (1080)which also has a "Dot by Dot" option (1:1 pixel mapping).

Canon had a huge stand for its SED display but also had a huge queue to get in!

What I was meaning about the HDDVD is that the content isn't originally 1080 so it has been upscaled for that format. None of the movie clips I saw came close to resembling Hi-Vision. The Hitachi stand was showing LOTR III on the PJ-TX200 through a SD player and the image was more involving.

What got me, is loads of people are on about how many Hollywood companies are backing Blu-Ray but I didn't see one title displayed yet alone playing! Also all the Blu-Ray (Except ones already in production) were marked "prototype" but few of the HDDVD had. Most have got product codes and were working.


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Looks like the first playback Blu Ray player will indeed be the PS3!

Still, if theres nothing to playback, then theres not much point to get it for that reason alone.

So, Drew, what you saying is that the content didnt look very good?

You said that the films are just being upscaled, but I beleive I read that most movies are shot with film that uses much higher resolution than even HDTV.
So it should be easy to convert movies to the HD standard of 1920X1080.
There really shouldnt be any upscaling going on for true HD DVD and BR films.

On another topic. Ive alos seen many of those "prototype" BR players. Its a bit confusing considering we are so close to release.

Im guessin here that next years CEATEC and other similar shows will have full working products as thats supposed to be the year these formats are launched.

HD DVD is closer to being launched than BR though, so that would explain why there were fully working HD DVD players at this years CEATEC.


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Hasn't a HD-DVD release been put back to Spring 2006 at the earliest?


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AML said:
You said that the films are just being upscaled, but I beleive I read that most movies are shot with film that uses much higher resolution than even HDTV.
So it should be easy to convert movies to the HD standard of 1920X1080.
There really shouldnt be any upscaling going on for true HD DVD and BR films.


It's what I thought, so I was looking forward to seeing images even better than the 1080i broadcasts here. What I saw didn't even come close - I can only assume until they decide what the 'eck' is going on they aren't spending the time & money on top notch conversions, but that makes no sense as surely they would be pre-viewing the absolute best - it's a bit like watching a PS3 playing a PS game!

I certainly feel HDDVD is closer for 'mass' release especially now that China has gone full HD broadcasting and it's a cheaper format for their factories to copy. If they don't release players here then Akihabara is going to be full of cheap Chinese imports!

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